Botanical Name: Litsea cubeba
Method of extraction: steam distilled
Parts Used: fruit
Country of Origin: Vietnam
Cultivation Method: Certified Organic
Scent: Spicy, lemon, citrus, with vegetative notes

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Here is my favoritel essential oil, Litsea Cubeba!

The sweet little sister of the Lemongrass fragrance, Litsea Cubeba is a citrusy-scented plant that is also known as the Mountain Pepper or May Chang.  Smell it once and it may become your new favorite natural citrus scent with so many uses in natural cleaning recipes, natural bodycare, perfumery, and aromatherapy.

Litsea Cubeba / May Chang is a member of the Lauraceae family, native to regions of Southeast Asia and grows as a tree or shrub.  Although grown extensively in Japan and Taiwan, China is the largest producer and exporter.  The tree bears petite white and yellow flowers, which bloom from March to April each growing season.  The fruit, flower and leaves are processed for essential oil, and the timber can be used for furniture or construction. Most essential oil used in aromatherapy is usually coming from the fruit of the plant.


Litsea Cubeba / May Chang essential oil is widely used in the perfume and cosmetic industries and due to its lemony aroma, it is often used an an alternative citrus ingredient and can be a base note for more complex citrus fragrances.  The citrus refreshing scent is uplifting, making it a good option for cleaning products.
The oil of the fruit is mobile and easily pourable and has a pale yellow color.  The primary compound in the essential oil is citral which is usually mixed as citral and geranial, its cis-trans isomeric forms.  Litsea Cubeba may be a preferrable blending oil versus Lemongrass because Lemongrass occasionally has compounds that cause a more earthy aroma.  Smell these two oils side by side and you’ll see why the potent citral content of Litsea Cubeba really shines for a natural citrus scent!


Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil Benefits:

Energetically Litsea Cubeba is emotionally refreshing with a cool radiant energy.  If you need to do some space clearing and rid yourself of some stagnant vibrations this essential oil will help you accomplish that.  It would make an ideal companion to a sage smudge.  If you’ve just moved a housemate out or just need to reset your space to boost your creativity you can use this oil to help your efforts.

Adding this stimulating and balancing essential oil to your natural bodycare, housecleaning and aromatherapy routine will bring fresh energy, clear the mind of cloudy thoughts, improve focus and alleviate stress.

Aromatherapy Blending:

The natural citrus scent of Litsea Cubeba blends exceptionally well with the following essential oils:
Basil, Bay, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Grapefruit, Orange, Palmarosa, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Thyme, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang.


How to use Litsea Cubeba essential oil:

1.Natural favial care recipe
– Add 1 drop of Litsea cubeba oil to a squirt or two of any plain gel or cream facial cleanser and work into the skin.  Litsea cubeba oil will help maintain a healthy microbiome on the skin and is a good pore cleansing oil.

– You can also add a few drops of Litsea cubeba oil to your facial steam water for detox and cleansing effects.  Essential oils are easily carried upward into the steam because they are volatile oils.  For a facial steam tutorial you can find one on our Youtube channel.
2. Natural bodycare recipe
– Put 6 to 12 drops of the essential oil per ounce of a plain base oil like grapeseed oil or apricot kernal oil and turn it into a fragrant, deodorizing, and luxurious natural bodycare treat without chemicals or harsh ingredients.  This is particularly lovely for after bathing in the wintertime to seal valuable moisture into skin.

3. Natural cleaning recipe
– Use Litsea Cubeba on its own or combine with Tea Tree oil to make the house smell divine and squeaky clean.  A few drops in mop water will have your floors shiny and citrusy-smelling in no time.  We recommend using a cleansing agent in the water to help diffuse the oil.  Essential oils can damage wood finishes if used in too great of concentration, so 3-5 drops per bucket of mop water is a great place to start to test on your floors.

For soap and candlemakers, Litsea Cubeba offers a strong and sweet aroma that mixes well with orange or lemon essential oil.

Litsea Cubeba essential oil uses:

perfumes, insect  repellents, body fragrances, incense, skin care products, potpourri, deodorizers, laundry products, shampoos, conditioners, massage oils, hair products, tonic, candles, soap making, sprays, cosmetics, aromatherapy products, bath oils, creams, and air fresheners.

Essential oil safety information: Never use Litsea Cubeba undiluted, as a good rule of thumb for all essential oils.  Avoid the eye area or mucus membranes, and do not take internally.  Keep away from children.  Always perform a patch test on the skin after proper dilution in a carrier oil such as Grape Seed, Avocado, Sesame or Jojoba.

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