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Flora Optima’s Bone Broth Protein (Pure) and Collagen Protein (Pure) are made in 2 flavors to make it easy to drink!

The ingredients used are organic as much as possible, and the sweeteners are also natural. The flavor is not only about the taste but also the ingredients and is not sold.

If you put them in the blender bottle of the set and mix well, you can eat protein deliciously and easily. . By incorporating more essential amino acids into our daily diet,

Let’s raise your health!


● Chocolate Love

[Ingredients] Organic cocoa, organic guar gum, organic stevia extract powder, Rakan fruit extract


● Peanut Dream

[Ingredients] Roasted peanut powder, organic coconut milk powder, organic guar gum, organic vanilla extract, organic maltodextrin (derived from tapioca), organic acacia fiber, organic stevia extract powder, rahan fruit extract

Demo video using Flora Optima blender and flavor


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Chocolate, Peanut Butter


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